Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Why Not?!

In the pursuit to catch as many species of fish as possible, one becomes familiar with the micro variety at some point in time. 

Why fish for minnows?  Why not?  There are countless species often times right under your nose.  Dace, Shiners, Chubs, Darters, Sculpins and many other species that can be found in drainage ditches, ponds, creeks, streams, lakes and just about any body of water. 

Often times a size 22 hook, a fleck of crawler skin and a micro float is all one needs.  A single nightcrawler can last all afternoon making this a very economical pursuit.

Don't knock it til' you try it!

Common Shiner
Creek Chub
Golden Shiner
These "lesser-fish" can fill time in any excursion and keep racking up the numbers of species for anyones fishing portfolio.

It gets addicting!

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