Thursday, July 28, 2011

Moments Of Time

Everybody has a few moments in time that seem to stick with you forever.  Sometimes they trigger your brain to a certain event and many times are just so beautiful, you can't help but remember. 

With my fishing and hunting travels I've been fortunate enough to have many moments in time.  Here is a compilation of a few of my favorites.  A moment in time may be.....

A moonrise over the river

A rabbit track through pristine snow

A blue ribbon Trout stream

A shroom like the Fly Agaric

An eagle in a crag of trees

A violent sunset

A waterfall

Morning fog over a campsite

A babbling Brook Trout stream

Or a Raven scanning the valley

It's these moments in time that keep the fire burning.  These moments are what turn bad fishing trips into good ones.  These are the moments that cleanse the soul and make you feel glad to be alive.

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