Thursday, July 28, 2011

Moments Of Time

Everybody has a few moments in time that seem to stick with you forever.  Sometimes they trigger your brain to a certain event and many times are just so beautiful, you can't help but remember. 

With my fishing and hunting travels I've been fortunate enough to have many moments in time.  Here is a compilation of a few of my favorites.  A moment in time may be.....

A moonrise over the river

A rabbit track through pristine snow

A blue ribbon Trout stream

A shroom like the Fly Agaric

An eagle in a crag of trees

A violent sunset

A waterfall

Morning fog over a campsite

A babbling Brook Trout stream

Or a Raven scanning the valley

It's these moments in time that keep the fire burning.  These moments are what turn bad fishing trips into good ones.  These are the moments that cleanse the soul and make you feel glad to be alive.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Farmland Creek Hopping

The wife and I had the day off today and decided to head out and enjoy it.  We were to drop off our daughter at grandmas house in west central Minnesota and head out from there.  We armed ourselves with flyrods, bottom rigs, spinners and the mandatory nightcrawlers. 

Our first stop was to try our hands at Greater Redhorse in a small river known to harbor monsters.  Unbenonced to us this stream is a popular tubing river and was filled with drunk bikini clad women; there to party.  Every access point was blocked by people who didn't seem to know there was awesome fish to be had there.  We decided to move on.

This was farmland, pure and true.  Rotted out threshing machines, caved in barns wrapped in tangled vines and cows everywhere; bathing, shitting and pissing in these rivers.  Still we pressed on and scouted many road crossings and ditches.  We came upon the enchanted valley with a very dirty river flowing through its heart.  Cows lined the banks and tractors seemed to be the only traffic on this desolate road.  After our encounters with all the tubers, this place seemed magical and called out fish. 

Within minutes of setting up Anne drew first blood with a nice Largemouth Bass and then I caught a very nice Yellow Perch of about 10 inches.  Enjoying the sun and watching the cows it just seemed perfect.  It seemed we would have a good day exploring the unexplored.  All of the sudden Anne's rod doubled over......could it be?  Could it be the immigrant from Asia?  Could it be the beast we came for, the beast we wanted to experience so badly today?  It was; Anne's first Carp and a dandy of a specimen as well.
After a lengthy battle she rebaited and proceeded to catch a heafty Perch of her own in the same year class as mine (very fascinating seeing Perch like that in this dirty, hot farm river). 

Fishing the opposite end of the bridge, I now needed to experience Cyprinus Carpio.  It wasn't long until it happened; we had a double.  It seemed almost simultaniously we got hit, and hit hard.  Line peeled and reels screamed as these freshwater bonefish charged downstream.  If given the oppertunity Carp will often "Bush" themselves in an attempt to escape, and thats exactly what these brutes tried to do.  I somehow managed to stear mine clear, but Anne's was bushed and in a very bad way.  We landed mine which was a decent fish, but Anne's had to have been a real monster.  There was no way she was going to seduce him out.  Her fish bushed about 100 yards downstream and wasn't budging.

  Anne lost another to the bushes and I lost 1 to the bush and 1 snapped my line.  There were some real big bruisers in this stretch. 

I caught another surprize fish for such a hot, cow polluted farm stream; a Walleye.  We all know that Walleye are pretty easy and common in MN, but not in these circumstances.  Walleyes like to hang in deep, cool, clean, hard bottomed environs, not muddy cow toilets.  It was a dandy as well.
It just goes to show you that good fishing often has a few surprizes and often times is right under your nose near the cowpies.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sunfish Porn

The rarest midwest species, one of the smallest, and arguably the prettiest Sunfish species is the Longear Sunfish.  I found the hotspot and caught about 20 of the little buggers.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Liberty and Justice

The state of the union looks good for the Gar.  I'm now armed well enough to go in pursuit.  Will it be the foam Wedgeheads or the Dahlbergesque flies?  Either way chasing 100,000,000 year old species of fish with the flyrod will be a blast.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Rope Flies and Carp Candy

My new hookless Gar flies with rattle chambers
and my new X Factor weighted Carp flies

I'm headed on an urban roughfish quest, hopfully encountering Longnosed Gar and many Carp.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


The force is strong with these sculpins!

I always knew Chewy was a fisherman because of all the flyboxes strapped to his harness.


A visit to my local Targets $1 aisle scored me a ton of foam for $5.  Hoppers, poppers, chernobyls; where does one begin?

Monday, July 11, 2011


I scoped a new small stream last night and on the edge of the current I saw a huge school of fish that looked very Troutish but couldn't quite tell.

I pitched out my modified hairball fly at them and wham!

I sat there and must have pulled 10 out 1 after another.  They were all 8-10 inchers.  I just thought it was a little strange that they were hanging in this stream schooled up on the current edge.  I figured they would've headed into the lake and found refuge in the weeds.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Take a Kid Fishing *Baby Edition*

My 4.5 month old Kate is already out fishing with dad.  This first year we'll start off slow with Bass and panfish, but I see her enjoying many other species in years to come; just like her dad.
What a trooper!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Bass Candy....or is it?

We'll find out Monday.  I'm headed to the forbidden swampland in search of Amia Calva.  This weighted worm fly should do the trick!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Fishy's Hopper Pattern

My new favorite hopper pattern.  This one is easy to tie and looks real good.  Look out Freshwater Permit, the hoppers in the house.

Blood, Sweat,and Skeeters

After many nights of sanding, fiberglassing, painting, cutting, carpeting, glueing and after loosing many pints of blood to the damn northwoods mosquitos; the dingy is done.  Built with a 4'x5' casting platform, its first go was a success. 
I have 4 kayaks a canoe, jon boat and a full sized fishing boat, but I needed a craft that I could stand up and flycast in small streams and ponds.  In comes the 8'8" dingy.  Charlie and I tested it out on a small lake last night and it worked flawlessly.  Look out Redhorse, cause here we come.