Monday, April 22, 2013

Tying For Customers

I've been tying as a second job for awhile now and I must say that it is a very enjoyable job.  One of my greatest concerns is for the quality and craftsmanship of my ties.  All my ties are glued as many times as allowable, cinched up and wrapped tight, and trimmed to perfection.  When these babies hit Russia, they'll be ready for whatever she has to throw at them!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Been Tying!

I hooked on with a buddy doing some commercial fly tying.  We've got orders comming out our ass and any extra time is spent at the vise.  My fly photography is definitively lacking, but you should be able to get the gist.  These two are for Alaska.

ND String Leech

Blairs King Smolt

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Blue Pancake!

We headed down south to the big city for the weekend.  Weather was cold, blustery, and rain and snow mixed for the duration of the trip.  We didn't care, we needed to do it, we needed to float the boat and have some hot action!  The hits started quickly and were seemingly syncronized in 15 minute intervals.
The action was hot with these smallish Carp.  We were having a blast hooking these little monsters and wrestling them away from the brushpile we were tied to.  It felt nice to have some consistant action in open water...........its been awhile.  But then something really cool happened, somthing I was really hopeing for; I got a Smallmouth Buffalo (Blue Pancake)!  I've caught them before, but not in like 15 years or so, so it felt real good to get another one.  I just love the bluish/grey color to them; grey ghosts.

It was cold as hell out there today, but it was well worth it.  All in all we caught 21 fish in about 6 hours.  The smallest fish was about a pound and the largest maybe 3-4 pounds.  It was a blast!

Monday, April 8, 2013

North Shore Prospector

The N.S.P. as I call it has proven itself over the last couple years.  I developed the pattern after fishing a real early season on the North Shore of Lake Superior.  The meltwater was dumping down the streams, it was raging and muddy as chocolate milk. The only thing working was large and bright egg patterns.  The N.S.P. uses the 4 "good" colors for egg patterns on the North Shore all tied into a very "babine-esque" pattern.  Hot pink, white, baby pink, and green trimmed in a row trailed by a white maribou (milt) tail.  It works wonders in the fast water and has landed fish each season for me.  Give it a try, the Steelhead should be hitting up there this week!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Musky CHAMPagne!

The left over champagne cork from last new years really tied together nicely with the moose hair and flash.

What? It's 2013 already?

Wow, it has been a real long time since I've posted......almost a year!  Anyone out there still lurking?  Hehe, just kidding, probably not.  I hope to tune in and share more often as I had been before.  Over the last year I've actually caught a few new species and had a small handful of decient fishing trips.  Rather than bore anyone with a bunch of mumbo jumbo, I'll just post a bunch of pics.