Sunday, April 14, 2013

Blue Pancake!

We headed down south to the big city for the weekend.  Weather was cold, blustery, and rain and snow mixed for the duration of the trip.  We didn't care, we needed to do it, we needed to float the boat and have some hot action!  The hits started quickly and were seemingly syncronized in 15 minute intervals.
The action was hot with these smallish Carp.  We were having a blast hooking these little monsters and wrestling them away from the brushpile we were tied to.  It felt nice to have some consistant action in open water...........its been awhile.  But then something really cool happened, somthing I was really hopeing for; I got a Smallmouth Buffalo (Blue Pancake)!  I've caught them before, but not in like 15 years or so, so it felt real good to get another one.  I just love the bluish/grey color to them; grey ghosts.

It was cold as hell out there today, but it was well worth it.  All in all we caught 21 fish in about 6 hours.  The smallest fish was about a pound and the largest maybe 3-4 pounds.  It was a blast!

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