Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Local Waters.....

We all have local waters.  These are the places close to home that we can sneak away for short periods of time to re-coup from the day to day rigors of life. 

I am lucky when it comes to local waters, one of the reasons I moved from the city.  My home is surrounded by lakes and streams with endless nooks and crannies perfect for killing time when time-killing is needed and short.

One of my nooks that I often visit isn't the best fishing per say, but is one of the most beautiful spots in my area.  Its a babbling Brook Trout stream with a manicured park and trails parralleling its edges.  Rarely do you encounter anglers here, but the park is a popular picnic spot and sometimes draws a crowd.  The stream is shrouded by thick hardwood forest and the sounds of dropping acorns echos through the undergrowth. 

Down in the valley
The Approach

Water is low and clear
White Sucker took a wire worm

The Zone
Scanning for Trout
Work done by Trout Unlimited

The Reward

Beautiful Brook Trout, White Suckers, and few Brown Trout reside here. 

Other than busy weekends or holidays I often times have the whole place to myself and with little to no distractions I can focus on peace and solitude in my hardwoods jungle close to home.

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