Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tis' the Season!

Great Lakes Steelhead and Salmon
Cool nights means fall is on the way.  Fall is the time of year that my business dies down a bit and the fishing heats up alot.  Tying some multi-color eggs and some bloodspots and stripes.  All colors work, just some work better than others in different water clarities.

On the North Shore of Lake Superior I have found over the past several years that white and baby pink are my go-to colors.  With the tannin coloration of many of those streams pink and white really pop.  All colors do work though.

I like to make a few different sizes.  I generally choose a size 8 hook and I really prefer stainless steel hooks.  I sometimes leave the egg a bit fluffy and other times trim it tight.  In deeper slower water a fluffy egg can outproduce a tight egg.

Generally high/dirty water means big and bright.  Low and clear water means small, sometimes as small as a 16 penny carpentry nail head.

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