Monday, August 29, 2011

Redhorsing Around

In the state of Minnesota we are lucky to have six different species of Redhorse; Shorthead, Golden, Silver, Greater, River, and Black.  I've caught all except for the River Redhorse.

At the River Redhorse "spot" the other day I managed a couple visuals and some already caught Redhorses.

I saw this Northern Hogsucker chilling under a grassy cut bank.
A closer look....
Their camoflauge is amazing and often times their right under your nose and you can't see them.

Here's one I caught. (Circa 2009)
They're also called Hog Molly, Boxhead, Stone Toter, Hammerhead Sucker, Pugamoo, and Goth Sucker for the telltale black markings on its lips which looks like black lipstick.  This is a very cool species that often gets overlooked.

Then the Reds start hitting.  Redhorse are stocky fish with an attitude.  Greaters, Rivers and Silvers can push 10 pounds and put up a hell of a fight and the smaller Goldens, Shortheads and Blacks are fiesty in their own right.

Beautiful Shorthead Redhorse

Golden Redhorse

Their abundance, and fighting abilities make fishing for Redhorse a blast.  They've been scrutinized as a worthless "roughfish" for too long.  The colors can be amazing and the sharp edges of their scale patterns are remarkable.

I did spot my intended quarry feeding in a fast run about eight feet out.  In the midst of catching numerous Shortheads and Goldens I saw my River Red.  It was a beautiful fish of about 6-8 pounds.  My first attempt blew by him and wasn't close enough.  My second drift brought my crawler chunk straight past his nose and spooked him off the run never to be seen again.  I scanned the area for an hour and fished the exited direction for an hour and never hooked up.

This just means I'll have to spend some more time on that beautiful spot this fall.


  1. This is a great blog! I've been wondering about how to catch those suckers.. now I know and will have to check your site more often for more info on a fish that gets no respect. Good job!

  2. Thanks man, I fish for everything and try to employ many tactics. I love to flyfish, but when the tactic calls for bait or lures, I don't hesitate.