Thursday, September 1, 2011

New Spot....

About a month ago I was cruising some backroads near a river looking for new secluded spots to fish for Redhorse.  This particular river is known for having some giant Greater Redhorse and nice Shortheads and Silvers.

I had found a perfect location for targeting Redhorse.  Its an old train bridge with huge boulder eddies, sandbars, deep scour holes, and pile-ons.  Last night I had my first chance to fish it and caught Walleyes, Smallmouth Bass, and Shorthead Redhorse.  The Shortheads were huge.

(This one was at least 20", but I forgot my tape. 20 for sure though)
(This one is more like an 18", but still big.)

I caught a ton of small Smallmouth Bass and 4 small Walleyes averaging around 13-14".

Next time I'll get a Greater Redhorse there!

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