Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bobbing with Gebbu

I've always been facinated by how others fish and the different tactics and techniques used in different parts of the world.  I've recently been reading about "Bobbing" on the UP of Michigan for Lake Trout and Salmon.  The Finlanders have been doing it for quite some time and with great success.  They use a spool of line called a "Gebbu" or "Debbie" and vertical jig spoons and maribou jigs down hundreds of feet for these fish.  It got me thinking about how cool and possibly effective it could be for Whitefish this winter.  Then I started thinking about Jeremy Wade handlining a Bull Shark and I had to make some Gebbu's and try it out.  I plan to soak one for Sturgeon soon and ice some Pike this winter as well.  This is what I came up with; they should work well.
I ordered up the "modern" Gebbu line (45# stainless steel nylon coated wire).  I ordered my spools from a professional kite shop and had the SS swivels laying around. 
Just add a rig to the swivel and experience some hardcore "hand-to-hand" combat fish fighting.  I can't wait!

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