Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Moving up in the World

I recently recieved my new Lamson Konic 3.5 in the mail straight from Chicago Fly Outfitters (ChiFly).  This is huge for me as I've been using starter kits and used/old fly reels.  The days of losing 6 Steelhead from not having a drag system or from sub-par equipment are over. 

I decided to head out with Charlie and look for some Grouse and test out the new Konic on a local stream.  The reel worked flawlessly as I caught numerous resident "stamp collection" Pike.
  With the sealed system on the Konic I don't have to worry about water or grit getting in my reels anymore.  At $210 with an extra spool this reel is a remarkably good deal for the quality.

The thick undergrowth made the grousing difficult and resulted in 1 ghost flush that wasn't seen and a few distant drummings.  Charlie enjoyed being out and sat patiently as I plyed the waters with the Konic in search of water wolves.

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