Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What is it all about?

What is fishing all about?  Why can't I stop?  Why don't I want to stop?  Is it the fish, the trophy, the challenge, the comrodery, the flesh, the wilderness, the techniques, the friends, the time away, the solitude, or is it just the way some of us are wired?

I can't say for sure, but it must be all of the above and more.  I love fishing for any species and being on the water in the outdoors.  I try not to limit myself to just one type of angling, I like to use them all to some extent and try to use the tactic that will best suit the situation.

I'm a flyfisher, baitfisher, lure chucker, and handliner; an all around angler.  I enjoy using 1# test and an ultralight to catch various minnows species and I enjoy big rods with roller guides and big chunks of fresh cutbait for Cats and Sturgeon.  I can often be fishing for Muskies and come to a good White Sucker stretch and switch to a bottom rig or be flycasting to Smallmouth Bass with clouser minnows only to switch to a small nymph when I see Bigmouth Buffalo in the shallows.  I have no predjudice as to species or methods of fishing (as long as you can release the fish unharmed), I like them all.

So what is it?  Do I like to show off?  I don't think so, because many people are turned off by some fish species I choose to pursue.  Roughfish are called so because I believe they are the roughest fighting fish around.  What would you rather catch 20, 1 pound Bass a day or 2, 20 pound Carp.  I like hard fighting fish so my answer is simple; the Carp.  Muskie guys snub the Walleye guys and Trout guys snub the Muskie guys, but what is it really all about?  Is it elitest, to be better then the next person?  I don't understand!  What makes one species better than the next?  Food quality, fight, or atta-boys from your buddies?  I don't get it!

One thing I can say for sure, is that I like it.  I think thats what its all about.  I just like it, I'm obsessed with it and it makes me happy.  I can't stop thinking of it and it's an eternal fire thats always burning in my soul.

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