Thursday, October 13, 2011

Never Give Up!

The Bois Brule River in northern Wisconsin..........I've always wanted to fish there.  After a few years of becoming familiar with the North Shore of Lake Superior it was only a matter of time before my curiosity got the best of me and I had to check out "The Brule". 

Day 1: The Brule is a very beautiful river and my first visions of this river was near a spot called "Pincherry".
I arrived in the afternoon and mostly scouted the first evening.  The water is extremely low and too warm, I never saw a fish.  The moonrise through the pines was amazing.

Day 2: I decided to start near Red Gate and work upstream.  Warning: Some private land near here and a very disgruntled landowner lives yourself and stay in the river!  I worked hard and covered water, fishing pockets and snags galore, never to see or feel a fish. 

Day 3: I make the brash move to drive into the night to get to a location on the North Shore of Superior right at legal fishing light.  In the morning darkness as I wait for the time to be right, all I can hear is fish swirling and working in the riffle in front of me.
BAM!!  A nice little buck Pink Salmon.  Then about ten minutes later.
A little Hen Pink.

I fished this river for a few hours and saw many dead Pinks and many still spawning.  I saw a couple giant Coaster Brook Trout in here as well.  I caught a nice little Brookie on this particular river too.

I decided to move on and do some more scouting; I checked 3 other rivers and all had dead and dying Pinks and another had many Coasters and a couple Steelhead.

I was really looking for bigger salmon.  I really wanted to catch my first Coho Salmon which are getting ready to spawn soon.  Before they spawn they stage out in the main lake near the river mouths and wait for the signal.  Many times you can cast spoons and spinners off of breakwalls and jetti's and catch a few.  I've tried this a handful if times with no luck.  This night my luck changed.
I was casting a orange #5 vibrex super spinner and this little Steelhead nailed it.  I can't believe the power in these fish, everytime I hook one I am amazed at their power and beauty.  The picture is cool because the sun is setting and a barge is just pulling into port. 

The moons captivating glow reflecting off of Superior was truely beautiful. 
Freight ships, storm cells, and the awesomeness of fall fishing.

Day 4:  To end my journey, as I shorecast in hopes of my Coho I witness a beauty of a Lake Trout that once lived a vivrant life in the icy waters of the largest lake in the world.

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