Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Summer With Katelyn!

Kate and I have been out enjoying the summer.  We fish out in the boat multiple times a week and she loves every minute of it.  She recently caught her first fish all by herself: cast, set hook, reeled in........she was so proud, as was I.
She likes to be in charge and always wants to drive the boat

We went with the Walkers up to camp near Ely over Memorial weekend and that was pretty fun.  We caught a few small fish, but it was all about the kids anyway.

Bentlee is a year older than Kate and they get along well, almost like a little boyfriend/girlfriend, great, already!

Also, Kate and I have been getting some real nice Sunnies and Crappies


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  2. Oh my god, what an adorable kid she is. She is having so much fun and her smile is so priceless. Can't wait to see your next fishing trip together.
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