Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Self Bow

Wow February 1st already! I've been extremely busy, not being busy. I've been in the job hunt for awhile now and have had a huge lack in fishing due to spousle respect since shes now the bread winner and I'm stuck at home searching. I did manage to add a new passion, hobby, and skillset to my portfolio recently. I've been an avid bow hunter for over 20 years and have always had a fascination with traditional bows and methods. I had been using modern compound bows mostly, but have always wanted to start building my own "stick bows" and use them in the most traditional ways and supply food for the family in the ways it was meant to be done. I am in the process of my first ever self bow and thought I'd post it up. I made it out of red oak and I think its turning out well. I still need to make a string for it and stain/wax it, but you'll get the idea. I may even pull out the wood burner and do a little work to it. Thats whats fun, each creation is unique, artistic, and functional. I'll maybe post some pictures of it when its finished as well.

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