Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Lovely Lawyer's

Its been awhile since I've been able to get out.  I surely couldn't miss my annual migration to a secluded stretch of a Lake Superior tributary known only as "Gooseneck Bend". 

Its a beautiful and rugged river full of snags and holes galore.  Every year about Christmas time, mass schools of male Burbot ascend the riverway in anticipation of the secretive mating dance.  Males show up first all pumped and ready to get it on.  Huge females start showing up in the first week of the year.  Once they meet, they form a ball of whithering, sqwirming Pout in a massive orgy whose soul purposes are to propagate the species by spreading the eggs along the rugged confounds of this protected tributary.  Me and a small group of hardcore Lingist's gather at the site at this time every year and give proper respect for these creatures.
Me with one of many males
Corey with a huge 13.5# female
Mitch with a nice female
A collection of males for the dinner table; we let all the big females go
The beautiful spot


  1. Wow! How cold it looks! :) What an interesting Burbot "dance" going on. Fun!

  2. It was actually pretty warm out there....mid 30's. The dance is a spectical in its own. A few years back I got to see it first hand on Mille Lacs lake; underwater camera through the ice.