Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sad News; Charlie's gone

He was my English Pointer, Charlie.  Charlie died yesterday.  He became sick last week and kept deteriorating.  It took 3 Vet visits to 3 different Vets to try and figure out what was happening.  X-rays, blood samples, fecal samples and urine samples showed very strange abnormalities.  His potassium level in his blood spiked to death levels and his heart rate dropped to 40 BPM when 80 BPM is normal.  We had spent many hundreds already and the third Vet suspected that Charlie had Addison's Disease, a diease that messes with the adrenal glands and screws up the Kidneys and bladder.  The test to know for sure cost $300 more, plus a 48 hour hospitalization totaling $800-$1000.  The Vet said we could try it, but that Charlie's blood potassium was so high and with his low heart rate that he had a low chance of making it through the test.  Also Charlie would have to live on expensive medications the rest of his life with regular visits to the Doc.  I could tell my boy was in pain and made the difficult decision to have him euthenized to ease his suffering.  He came with me everywhere and had a active enjoyable life.  He will be missed by all and was my best friend.  I loved my pal Charlie!
He loved his balls and his Gumby.

Charlie was great with kids and loved his sister Katelyn; she will miss him too.

Charlie loved to "Go With" and always had the best seat.

He was always ready to go and loved to watch squirrels out of the window.
Although sometimes he would be a little mischievious, he was still my little doggie.
He was loved by all and will be greatly missed.  We all love you Charlie.


  1. I am so sorry to hear about Charlie. Dogs are our truest friends and family members. My thoughts are with you and yours at his loss...

  2. Thanks Erin! I'm at work today without Charlie for the first time in years and I miss him.

  3. Sorry for your loss. Charlie looked like one hell of a good dog. Dogs have a way of leaving some mighty big footprints...better days ahead.

  4. Yeah Sanders, he was a good dog. Thanks!