Sunday, June 26, 2011

The magic of fishing

Many people fish for many different reasons.  Guys fish to fit in, to drink with their buddies, for food, for trophies, etc.  There are a few of us however that fish for different reasons; reasons not so useless or benign, but necessary in maintaining sanity.

The trophies are great and the flesh is good, but thats not why I fish.  I enjoy the company of buddies and I enjoy "tying-one-on" from time to time, but thats not why I fish. 

I fish because it is the only time in life where I feel peace and freedom.  The beautiful scenery, sounds, smells and animal encounters.  Catching fish...well thats a bonus that ties everything together, but thats not why I fish.

This is fishing to me and what I yearn for everyday.

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